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We are your partner in Optimal Health. Our products and services are tools for chronic disease prevention and management. We aim to bring in more products and services to combat chronic diseases. Let's work together in this vision to bring optimal health and living for everyone!

We are your partner in life

At Gaia Health we present to you the latest solution for your chronic disease management to give you an ease of mind and manage your health informatively.

With the current pandemic the world is facing today, we are your partner in your journey of protecting your love ones and your businesses.

We provide certified range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) equipment and our Double Dry-fog Hydrogen Peroxide (DDHP) decontamination service to keep you safe.

Gmate Series glucometers - Gaia Health Malaysia

GMate Series Smartphone Glucometers

Check out this review by Mr Jacob, from @kinetic.diabetic on his use of our GMate Smartphone Glucometer!

GMATE Series Smartphone Glucometers give you peace of mind by letting you always be aware of your blood glucose levels and helps you stay in the zone. Explore our 2 models of Gmate and the range of compatible accessories.

See a list of compatible devices supported by GMATE.



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Our full range of Personal Protective Equipment - Gaia Health Malaysia

Our full range of Personal Protective Equipment

Gaia Health provides a complete range of Personal Protective Equipment for your personal protection or business needs. We have certified medical grade face shield, face-mask to gowns and gloves.


New Arrivals!

Antiviral Face Mask.



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DDHP Decontamination Service - Gaia Health Malaysia

DDHP Decontamination Service

Gaia Health use Double Jet Nozzle Dry Fog Hydrogen Peroxide (DDHP) Technology that produces finer particles in the form of Superior Dry fog.

As the finer the particles which are less than 1 μm are less affected by gravity. Therefore, the lightweight particles allow wider sterilization space and shorter time.


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